• Commercial cleaning

Locally owned & operated

The Busy Bee Clean Team is a locally owned, family-run full-service cleaning business. Located in Hopkinton and owned by Judy & Sarah Carmody (a mom and daughter team), we're very experienced in both commercial and emergency cleaning accounts. We have a focused attention to detail and we do all our jobs with a commitment to customer satisfaction. We're insured and bonded. We're reliable members of the local community - and we take great pride in helping local friends with their cleaning needs. Our service pledge is "Done right, on-time and on-budget".

Commercial Cleaning

When you have a commercial cleaning project, your best bet is to call in the professionals to get things done right. And since most companies that need commercial cleaning don't have their own crew on stand-by, it's unlikely they’ll attempt the job themselves. However, from time to time some people, even some business owners, decide they can "do it themselves". But seriously, who wants to clean toilets? Carpets? Windows? Or take out trash? Is the hassle worth the savings?  Why not make things easy – call the Busy Bee Clean Team at (774) 248-4536. We'll do the hard work, so you don't have to. When you call, ask about our budget plans for local companies.

We’re insured, we’re bonded, we have great references – and we know what we’re doing. When you call Busy Bee, the first thing we do is set up a no-cost interview at your home. Our goal is for you to show us the full problem, warts and all. There’s no need to tidy up before we get there. In fact, we’d prefer that you didn’t. Just leave things the way they are, call us and we’ll come over right away.  We’re very flexible for all our appointments and cleaning sessions, we can accommodate your schedule and your special needs – and we respect your cleaning product preferences.

Busy Bee cleaning makes it fun to come home. Your house is clean, it smells nice and life is good. Busy Bee Clean Team: (774) 248- 4536